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Ethical Shopping: Favorite Brands


Moe Lunn here. Today I’m reporting on some awesome, ethical brands that make beautiful and functional clothing, shoes and accessories. In an upcoming post, we’re going to delve a bit more deeply into the overwhelming struggle between ethical buying and indulging in a good sale, and explore what role simplicity should play in our buying lives. In the meantime, check out these quick 5 tips from Sseko on building an ethical wardrobe).

So as you hit the [virtual] racks for your holiday shopping this weekend (or maybe not), I wanted to provide some brands to check out along the way. There are a ton of excellent companies out there making quality products in a way that is good for the world—these are just a few of my personal favorites. I’d love to hear what your favorite ethical brands are, so please leave a comment to add them to the list.

*denotes availability in local (Kansas City) shops; but check their websites for the full product line

Awava Market – printed handmade goods from Uganda, based in Kansas *available at Gypsy Market Holiday Sale on December 5

Della L.A. – handmade in Ghana clothing, bags and beautiful Macbook cases

Mata Traders – dresses, home wares and accessories with beautiful prints and designs *available at Ten Thousand Villages

Nau – stylish and sustainable performance and ready to wear

Nisolo – handmade leather shoes, boots and goods made primarly in South America, with a cool new jewelry line made in Kenya

Pact – organic cotton basics made in USA *available at Whole Foods and Ten Thousand Villages

Patagonia – technical performance gear *available at REI

Prana – yoga, travel and adventure clothes with a conscience *available at REI 

Oliberte – fair trade certified footwear made in Ethiopia

Sseko Designs – women-centric, Kansas City-founded company selling sandals, shoes, scarves and accessories handmade in Uganda + Ethiopia *available at World’s Window and Ten Thousand Villages

Threads for Thought – activewear and cotton basics *available at Whole Foods

And of course, don’t forget that buying handmade and local (including made in USA) is a great choice!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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