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Ethical Shopping: Foodie Apps To Help Guide You Down the Aisle (Guest Post!)

In our *November series on ethical shopping, we’ve recently been talking about food-buying and how it affects the world and the environment. JW’er Victoria Marcklinger **sent us an email with some amazing tips to help ease the strain of doing all the research or traveling the distance to make sure you’re buying good food. Check out what she has to say and download one of the apps before you make your next grocery run:

Ethical shopping is a topic that my husband and I have been talking about for about a year when it comes to minimizing our belongings, trying to purchase local organic produce when buying food, and support clothing companies with sustainable business and environmental models. We love the topic, and though it’s hard not to let it paralyze you when you walk into a store to run errands, I have found some fun apps and tricks to make the shopping experience a little more bearable.

Good Guide Appgoodguideapp – This app is pretty extensive in that it contains information about the environment, social, and health impact of a product you are looking to buy, and can immediately assess that impact using a barcode scanner. Sometimes you have to just type in the name of the company or manually type in the bar code number, but it still contains a lot of information on a product and even gauges the type of possible harmful chemicals found in that product. Get the Good Guide App for IOS or Android >




Seafood Watch Appseafoodwatchapp – This app was initially created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but contains local search of seafood if you type in your location and information. It tracks where restaurants, grocery stores, etc. in your local area are getting their seafood from. They rate it according to least ethical choices of fish to the best option of seafood and where to purchase it locally. Get Seafood Watch App for IOS or Android >





farmstarappFarmStar Living App – This maps out authentic, local farm-to-table restaurants in your area and provides a little information on each one. Good for when you’re traveling and want to find a place to eat good and sustainable food. Get the FarmStar Living App for IOS or Android >






Thank you, Victoria! These are amazing resources, we’re thankful that you shared them with us.

Coming up next in the series are some more tips on better buying when it comes to clothing, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, use those apps for your Thanksgiving shopping this week!

Follow Victoria and Craig on Twitter >

*This series will now extend through December 🙂

**Have some ideas to share with us like Victoria did? Please send them to justice@jacobswellchurch.org—we’re always looking for fresh content for the blog and would love your help.

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