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Ethical Shopping: Human Rights Watch Report on Gap, H&M, etc.

cambodia factory

It’s no surprise to most that American and European clothing chains with the lowest prices are often criticized for the conditions of their factories abroad. And more than criticized — condemned, but only when something as severe as over 20 people dying in an H&M factory occurs. Once a few months pass, we tend to forget and go back to those great deals. But Human Rights Watch is working hard to change that, and earlier this year released an in-depth report on Cambodian factories, most of which make garments and products sold in the U.S. The report gives examples of poor labor practices and inhumane treatment in the following areas:

  • Forced overtime
  • Discrimination and safety concerns for women workers
  • Anti-union discrimination
  • Case studies on H&M and Gap, Inc.

This month as we delve into how you can make better shopping decisions, it’s first important to understand why you should. This report exemplifies many of the issues surrounding some of our favorite stores and cause us to think twice before we are lured in by that sale sign.

Read the full report >

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