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China’s One-Child Policy Scrapped: Why the move isn’t enough

Big news over the airwaves this morning – China has finally scrapped it’s oppressive one-child policy throughout the nation, which prevented families from having more than one child and often resulted in violent measures to enforce the rule. While this is definitely worth celebrating, the other half of the story is that they have not so much thrown out the rule as just replaced it – with the new two-child policy. Is giving your citizens some freedom true freedom? Read the summary from The Guardian to learn more about the shift:

China ends one-child policy after 35 years >

2 comments on “China’s One-Child Policy Scrapped: Why the move isn’t enough

  1. Dylan Raines
    October 29, 2015

    Wow! Incredibly important news, indeed. Freedom is the birth of creativity-creation. I can think of no law that would seem to limit people’s creative abilities than that of limiting re creation of life itself.

    Certainly, China has a fast growing population and they don’t know or are unwilling to facilitate a high quality of life for everyone. But limiting the very act of creating life is the creation of a problems not a solution. We need new, creative ways of meeting the challenges in the world, not a law destroying life.

    • jwjustice
      November 1, 2015

      Agreed, Dylan – an interesting perspective to think of it as creativity and you’re absolutely on point. Thanks for sharing.

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