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Hope: The Prayer of Saint Francis after Terror

by Moe Lunn.   Where there is despair, hope. Hopelessness. That’s the gut feeling. That’s what all the angst leads to, once it runs the gamut of guilt over not … Continue reading

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Ethical Shopping: Favorite Brands

Moe Lunn here. Today I’m reporting on some awesome, ethical brands that make beautiful and functional clothing, shoes and accessories. In an upcoming post, we’re going to delve a bit more … Continue reading

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Ethical Shopping: Foodie Apps To Help Guide You Down the Aisle (Guest Post!)

In our *November series on ethical shopping, we’ve recently been talking about food-buying and how it affects the world and the environment. JW’er Victoria Marcklinger **sent us an email with some … Continue reading

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Refugees: What the KS executive order could mean + how to help

We wanted to provide a quick explainer on Governor Brownback of Kansas’s executive order, as varying news reports have caused some confusion. On Monday, Governor Brownback and governors of 25 more … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Construction in Kenya

Sam De Jong recently traveled to Asilong in the Pokot region of Kenya to continue to oversee and guide the construction of the secondary school buildings there, which are primarily … Continue reading

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Ethical Shopping: “Cowspiracy” and Why You Should Buy Well When It Comes to Food, Too.

Add this film to your documentary to-watch list, Cowspiracy. (Note: this is not a movie filled with horrific images of animals stuck in factory farms to scare you away from … Continue reading

November 12, 2015 · 3 Comments

Ethical Shopping: Human Rights Watch Report on Gap, H&M, etc.

It’s no surprise to most that American and European clothing chains with the lowest prices are often criticized for the conditions of their factories abroad. And more than criticized — condemned, but … Continue reading

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Ethical Shopping: Meat Processing is Major Cause of Global Warming

When is the last time you heard about climate change and global warming? Probably yesterday, or 5 minutes ago as you were listening to NPR. When is the last time … Continue reading

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Film: American Revolutionary

The Chinese American philosopher and activist Grace Lee Boggs died last month, at age 100. For an account of one of the prominent civil rights agitators of the last generation, … Continue reading

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Interview: Rob Bell Speaks with London’s Oasis Founder

A thought-provoking and inspiring interview with Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis, a social justice organization based in London and bent on demonstrating that the gospel really is good news for … Continue reading

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Ethical Shopping: REI’s Closing and Why It Matters

Outdoor retailer REI announced that it will stay locked up and give its employees a paid holiday on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year that has notoriously … Continue reading

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On the blog in November: Ethical Shopping

A huge factor in the world of social justice that we haven’t talked about much here on the blog is shopping – our buying habits when it comes to clothing, … Continue reading

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JW + Kenya: a trip update from Sam De Jong

JW’er Sam De Jong traveled this past September to visit our work in the Pokot region of Kenya. He currently serves with the Kerygma (Justice) team as a volunteer and … Continue reading

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China’s One-Child Policy Scrapped: Why the move isn’t enough

Big news over the airwaves this morning – China has finally scrapped it’s oppressive one-child policy throughout the nation, which prevented families from having more than one child and often … Continue reading

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JW: Racial Realities Sermon

  Over the last few months, Jacob’s Well hosted a sermon series called “Tikkun Olam”, a Hebrew phrase that refers to mending the world. In October, justice pastor Isaac Anderson … Continue reading

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Race: Black Wounds Matter

Check out an op-ed from The New Yorker’s Sarah Stillman on legislative reform in our justice system as it pertains to race. “…we must adjust our shared understanding of crime demographics … Continue reading

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Poverty: Why the SDGs aren’t As Good as they Sound

Heard of the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) on your Twitter feed recently? Or perhaps the Millenium Development Goals made popular by Western economists and advocates like Bill Gates, Jeff Sachs and Bono? … Continue reading

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